how do you know this product works?


Through extensive consumer testing, we were able to determine that a person's enjoyment of a beer or soda begins to reduce around 65 °F. You can check out some data from one of our sample tests here.

Why the flint water fund and the appalachian freshwater inititive?


Our mission is to increase the availability of fresh drinking water around the world. We also believe that we can work within the U.S. to better our existing infrastructure. Because the people of Flint, MI are still facing difficulties to this day, and the initial wave of public interest has lessened, we will be donating half of our commitment to this cause. We also believe that we need to quantify the amount of damage humans are doing to the environment so that we know how to fix it. This is one of the main goals of the Appalachian Freshwater Initiative. We believe this is a perfect fit to help the nation research and combat the damage we have done to our water systems.

What about the last sip?


The last few sips of the drink will, naturally, increase temperature more than a full glass. Because the heat transfer is significantly lessened throughout the drinking process, this will remain colder than if you didn't use our glass. However, after a few minutes with a little left, we'd encourage you to (responsibly) grab a fresh one.